Strumming Styles and Song Workshop Series


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Four classes in four weeks, all dedicated to various strumming patterns, applying them to specific songs, and singing.

$25 per class
$85 for all four

Day One, March 3
-Basics of strumming
-Whole note up to 16th note
-Fan stroke
-Island strum vs. Calypso strum

Day Two, March 10
-Review the basics
-Singing and strumming
-Incorporate Island with singing
-Triplet strum
-Shuffle strum

Day 3, March 17
-Incorporate triplet strum with singing
-Muting, AKA “chunking”
-Backbeat strumming

Day four, March 24
-Bringing it all together
-Reviewing all strumming concepts
-Adding the mute to Calypso strong
-Singing, playing, and creating

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