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‘Ukulele. Drums. Love.
Three simple words is what it all boils down to.

In their singular form each one has the capacity to create sensations of happiness, joy, pain, sorrow, & tranquility, but also anger, ecstasy, frustration, and uplifting delight.

Place them into an equation of mathematical manipulation and you create colossal collections of cosmic connectedness and pleasing perceptions of primal passion.

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Uke+Drums=Love is a three part album. The first involves just the ‘ukulele, including solo compositions, single take loop pedal infused songs, and arrangements that involve 2-3 uke over dubs.

The second features just the drum and percussion instruments, including drum set duets and full percussion ensembles utilizing both afro-cuban and middle eastern instruments.

The last of the tripartite embraces both the ‘ukulele and drums. With a musical palette of rock, latin, classical, island, and jazz stylings, the two create a fusion of sound that is truly Ben Carr Music.

Release date scheduled for Summer 2019.